21 people.

We recruit, train and coordinate the best staff to support your events.We are working with experienced people only.

Success is made of People.

Passionate and
qualified people.

Hostess, models, stewards and tour leaders, according to the specific role required.

Promoters to help you successfully advertise your product or service.

Interpreters and tourist guides will follow individuals or groups during their visit. Personal shoppers will satisfy all your needs and desires.


Simply unique.
The on track experience.

Drivers, car specialists, grid girls and professionals to support your experience on track. Qualified people with a high level of expertise will help you live the most thrilling moments in complete safety.

The offtrack experience.

Chef, sous-chef, maitres, waiters/waitresses  and barmen to give you the perfect catering service, during your offtrack experience .

Pictures, videos and music.
Multimedia production.

Photographers, filmmakers, multimedia professionals will make your memories everlasting. Music bands, artists, musicians, DJs will set the right mood for your event.