Ferrari - Fiorano Circuit

Case History

#Out of the box

Ferrari – Fiorano Circuit

The Fiorano Circuit is of propriety of Ferrari Spa. Personally desired by the founder Enzo Ferrari, it is the place where the company carries out the product tests of new cars and hosts the Test Drives addressed to the clients and the brand’s sponsors.

What counts for

Ferrari asked us to restyle the Circuit’s boxes, developing a new image for the spaces where the technicians and the clients are hosted during the Test Drives.

The 21 idea
#Out of the box

We developed a design concept which is coherent with the brand’s identity and image in order to give a new image to the boxes. We curated the designing and the production of the furnishings and of the new stained-glass window of the external structure. A special location for the brand and its clients, which at the same time is contemporary, exclusive and representative of Ferrari’s heritage elements. A unique story for an unforgettable experience.