Chi siamo.

"People will forget what you said, what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Your guests are special.

What we do.

We are specialized in building unique and exclusive days focused on engines, fun and relaxation. For small or large groups, or for individuals from all over the world.
On Modena race-track, located in the “Motor Valley”, or other national or international circuits.
Driving a Supercar on track will allow you to appreciate the car performance, in complete safety.

How we do it.

“Ster bein al mand” is a common saying of the local dialect. It’s an affectionate way of expressing the spirit of our region.
It means enjoying life and every moment of it, especially those moments that promise to be unique, enjoying spending time with the people we meet and enjoying the experiences which can enrich us.

We are our region and we want to share it with our guests. In a simple way, but with an extra oomph!

and attention to detail.

We love our clients with passion and responsibility.
We give life to unique and coherent projects, respecting our client’s vision and the expected realization times. We take care of every project: from the creation of the proposal until its realization, passing from the reception of guests to the coordination of suppliers.

No matter what.

Safety is not a detail.

You will be able to drive real race cars, have fun with your personal driver, with the final result of having improved your skills, feeling more confident even on the road in daily life.
Everything is covered by insurance: car, driver and passenger. At full speed, but in total safety.