About us.

21 is a team of people who think with their hearts to create moments that count.

Success is made by people.

What we do.

We design and create your moments that count in order to turn them into memorable experiences.
For you and your clients.
In person and at distance.

Make it count.

Whenever it is important, we make it special.
All those moments that for you are worth to be shared and celebrated. We design and create a unique experience, without any limitation of space and time.

This is 21

The space for conception and design.

We define the perimeter and the idea of a “what” and “how”. We create a concept. We fill it in with the contents.

The perimeter for the grounding of the project.

We organize and we manage. We take care of the “where” and “when”. We stage an unforgettable experience.

The heart and the essence of our brand.

Events on track. Our story.