Simulator Trip.

Gift with an emotion tasting like adrenaline Gift with a truly unforgettable emotion.

Simulator Journey.

Racing sensation.

Thanks to the highly advanced system of complete reproduction of circuits, groups or individuals can try the adrenaline to step into the role of real drivers, putting themselves to the test on the Formula One championship tracks. The simulator can be configured with different modes, seat, steering and driving position are fully adjustable. It will not be a coincidence to be next to professional pilots in training. And everything will be even more real.

Rebalancing view.

The Cà Montanari estate farm stretches among our rolling hills. Opera02 was born as its concrete project, dealing with the agricultural activity, the recovery and conservation of traditions, always with attention to detail. With its exclusive atmosphere, Opera02 offers traditional dishes with seasonal and high-quality ingredients. You can also visit the modern vinegar cellar, adding a traditional balsamic vinegar and Lambrusco wine tasting. The typically Emilia Romagna region character of this farm and its family management, make it the perfect location for important meetings with a typically convivial flavor.